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Since 2017 I have opened my own artisan leather processing business, continuing the family tradition of my father Giuseppe.
My workshop is located in Gubbio, in Umbria, the stone city where time seems to have stopped.

All our products are in genuine Italian vegetable tanned leather, certified and guaranteed in origin.
Excellent quality leather and acid-free paper, also handmade by Fabriano’s master paper makers.
Between roots and destiny, between past and future, this is where the materials take shape.


All IKUNICO handcrafted products are made here and nowhere else. This is not by chance, but by choice and vocation. Coming to life from the roots and destiny of this city, its past and its future, this is the theater: the stone city where time seems to have stopped, Gubbio, in Umbria, the heart of Italy With its strong character and solid sense of identity that resists oblivion, rigor and fleeting modernity. In an almost suspended and static dimension of time and space, the fabric of the medieval city remains intact, with its alleys, streets, towers, churches and bell towers, buildings and ancient fountains … This place is not simply an ideal setting or a simple background, but the vital setting, the very heart of what is handmade in Italy. Cultivating the feeling of time means experimenting and using memory as an experience, in search of quality and beauty. Memory is what you carry inside, not just traditions to be replicated. Tradition and innovation are not two opposite poles but the imaginary space to design the future. Leave space and time to listen to something new, to creativity and imagination inspired by the belief that beauty is good. The city and the craftsman’s workshop: the city itself and the shop are united and shaped by the same spirit of the place, made up of light, materials, colors and scents, all very special. Unique and unrepeatable, just like the products we make. The light, tempered like a sword, clear and pure, is reflected in the clean lines of the city buildings. Curved and oblique, it brings with it the time that shines through the density of the warm and lively skin. Behind and beyond, the silence of the mountains, which in the plots of the seasons light up with lively shades of red and brown, imbued with the scent of the earth. These are the same colors and scents that form the substance of our leather goods. A simple and elegant spirit, that of Gubbio, an ancient city of art and craftsmanship, a classic place of excellence to give more value to things. From his calm industriousness, an expression slowly germinates, giving life to the skin that becomes a tale and emotion.


All our products are made of certified and guaranteed genuine Italian leather, tanned exclusively with natural tannins extracted from plants. It is a process that requires patience and experience, a prodigious process entrusted to the skilled hands of the tanners of the real Italian vegetable tanned leather consortium. Natural leather dedicated to those looking for high quality and style. The interior is with acid-free laid paper or paper made by hand by the Fabriano Paper Masters, obtained with a slow and laborious process similar to that of seven hundred years ago. Experienced and sensory materials that the experience and creativity of the craftsman transform into unique pieces. One different from the other, each with its own veins, tones, peculiarities, softness and hardness, each with its own history, different from anything else. The daily challenge is to make things and their uses come alive in many stories that satisfy the heart and mind. Beyond the principle of utility, beyond hasty consumption. Discover more about materials

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