Jacopo Baldinelli gives life to the family business

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HE is RESTARTED from scratch with sacrifice and enthusiasm to rediscover the gratification of the unique, handmade piece, a synthesis of skills, culture, tradition, research, intuition and study; values ​​that are breathed only in the artisan laboratory. In the specific case bookbinding and restoration of books, items with Italian vegetable-tanned leather only (photo albums, bookbindings with and, small leather goods, such as bags, diaries, complete with desks), this is the story of Jacopo Baldinelli who decided , with courage with the support of parents Giuseppe and Rita, to leave a safe place to start a family business, “Ibaldinelli”, to relaunch with the brand “Ikunico” (Ik as Ikuvium, unique as a piece produced), what had been the bookshop activity ».

Eugubina company founded by father in 1997, but moved to Fano in 2017 to follow the new commercial strategy of the property that had incorporated it in 2012.

«After an experience in the new location that lasted a few weeks – Jacopo tells them – I realized that I had ended up in a context far from my way of understanding the job. A resource for living, to be combined with personal gratification ».

Hence «the decision, with the understanding of mine – confides Jacopo – to start from scratch relying on the preparation acquired over the years: trust in the sector even in difficult times like these. With an initial investment of about eighty thousand euros, a beautiful laboratory was set up in Ponte d’Assi, where the smells of glue and hair sings, but above all of trust, enthusiasm and courage.

It was not easy to find a loan, eventually granted by the Cooperative Credit of Pergola. The activity has restarted, relations with Italian and foreign markets are slowly re-establishing, from America to Qatar («we have carried out personalized works – notes Jacopo with pride – for the Sheikh and his wife»).
«Let’s go forward with serenity» and the gaze of Jacopo, of father Giuseppe and mother Rita, revolves around with the satisfaction of those who have found their world.

Giampiero Bedini

Taken from the newspaper LA NAZIONE, 11 March 2018

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