dettaglio pelle conciata al VegetaleAll our products are made of certified and guaranteed genuine Italian leather, tanned
exclusively with vegetable dyes.
No animal is slaughtered for its skin. Excellent quality leather and handmade acid-free paper.
Warm sensory materials that the experience and creativity of the craftsman transform into unique pieces.
One different from the other, each with their own brands, tones, particular characteristics, softness and hardness, each with its own story, different from anything else.
The daily challenge is to make things come alive and how they are used to make them speak and tell their stories that satisfy the heart and mind. Beyond the principle of utility beyond hasty consumption.

Only genuine leather of certified origin

Our leather products are produced only with Vegetable Tanned Italian Leather, with a guarantee certificate issued by the Genuine Italian Vegetable Tanned Leather Consortium.

What does it mean to use this type of material?

In addition to the quality that is measured in terms of grain, strength and durability over time, we also know that by using these leathers we guarantee our customers a series of pluses that go beyond the material used and which give our products that value addition that makes the difference between a high quality product and a standard one.

The pluses are: 1. leather tanned in Tuscany; 2. Quality controlled; 3. Metal Free; 4. No animals slaughtered for tanning; 5. Natural raw materials; 6. Environmental certification; 7. Social responsibility; 8. Compliance with standards; 9. Work ethic; 10. Circular economy.

Each of our products comes with a certificate of guarantee with the unique numbering of the consortium. Find out more on the consortium website.


colore campione pelle nero


colore campione pelle anticato a mano


Golden Rose

colore campione pelle naturale


Colore campione pelle cognac



colore campione pelle verde




testo campione color mosto


Colore campione pelle rosso


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