Handcrafted book binding

book binding made by hand

Through a process based on the knowledge of centuries-old techniques, the books are sewn by hand on rope or nerve to the loom; their backs worked to highlight the ribs prepared at the time of sewing, then glued with vegetable glues and rounded with the press with the nail technique.

The sheets of paper by hand, obtained by a slow and laborious process completely similar to that of seven hundred years ago, sewn and bound, are pressed and dried in the press, then joined to the already “skinned” and “boxed” leather cover, covered and decorated.

The ancient bindery irons, punches, shovels and wheels, heated by fire, are used to manually imprint ancient signs on the leather covers, fragments of archaicriptures as in the Ikuvina line which is inspired by the famous Eugubine Tables, or reproductions of friezes and decorations of the Renaissance period, sometimes also embellished by the use of pure gold leaves.

The entire process is followed and carried out with particular care through constant quality control. The craftsmanship strictly uses expert hands and traditional techniques, of imagination and good taste also to create new suggestions, inlays and original intertwining of materials.

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